Candles ADMIT - product information and security

The ADMIT company is one of the leading producers of candles in Poland. We have over 20 years of experience in the production and design of candles. Below you will find some information about dealing with candles.

Markings on the label

There is an information label on the bottom of each candle or on the collective packaging when they are sold in several pieces. There you will find information about the product, manufacturer and a description of how to deal with the candle. There is a basic minimum of information on the label for a simple reason – the label is small and more information would not fit. The treatment of the torch has been included in pictograms – small pictures. Below you will find a description of the meaning of each pictogram.


General warning symbol (with yellow background for your attention in the case of colored labels).


The product is intended for smoking outside. The paraffin in the candle is not intended for indoor smoking.


Keep candles / candles away from children and pets.


Place the candles vertically and with the stand – in this case, the candle often has a built-in stand to separate it from the ground


Keep a distance between burning candles. Quantity – e.g. 10cm is the recommended minimum spacing.


Information that the plastic parts of the candles are made of polypropylene. They can be recycled.


The „keep clean” sign – information to throw the candle into the trash after use.

Candles, inserts and LED inserts are marked in accordance with PN-EN 15494: 2020 for quick identification and safe use.

Cartridges, replacement of cartridges in a candle

Most of the candles produced and sold by us have a smoking element. Depending on the size of the candle, the inserts may differ in size, finish and type of paraffin. Some of them are placed in transparent plastic tubes for better burning and resistance to weather conditions. Before lighting the candle, make sure that the insert is in good condition, undamaged, e.g. during transport and in the tube there are no elements that may disturb the burning process – leaves, water, garbage.

After the insert is burnt out, you can reuse the snap-in by replacing the insert with a new one. Remember to put in the correct cartridges. The most common mistake made when selecting a new refill is to follow the greatest possible burning time, which is why too large refills are often bought that are not suitable for a candle of a given size. Remember that the candle must have a place for the flame. Too large a refill may result in the cap catching fire, breaking the glass or simply not burning due to poor air filtration.

Before buying a new insert, use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the torch hole and the inside height.

You can put any manufacturer’s cartridges into the candle, oil or paraffin, pressed or flooded, electric.

Disposal of the candle after use

Remember to dispose of the Snitch properly after use.

Glass element – throw the torch’s body into the glass bin, depending on the commune, you can sort the glass into colored or colorless.

Plastic elements – a cap, a stand, a pin – are made of polypropylene. You throw them into the bin with plastic waste or in some municipalities into a plastic bag. Some candles also have plastic decorations glued directly to the glass, they should be torn off the glass or prized and thrown into the „plastics” as well.

The remaining tube, after firing the cartridge, you also throw into the trash with „plastics”.

Often, there are also special wardrobes next to the cemetery, where you can put away the used candle and let other visitors to the graves use it again.