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Tealighty Tulipan

Simple, cheap, just right for creating relaxing atmosphere in your home

Verona candle

For those who already straying thoughts of sunny holidays and juicy fruits near the barbecue on the terrace.

Tealighty citronella

Perfect if you are planning outdoor meetings, camping trips

Candle coated glass

A candle with a floral scent, perfect for spring evenings with wine or for dinner

Candles with pendant

Elegant, with hand made decoration, interwind eith a stylish cord.

Candles with rainbow effect

Shimmering colors high memorial lighs with stylish bases and lids.

Candles with applications

Simple and minimalist glass Memorial Light decorated with ornaments.

Plastic Memorial Lights LA BV

Small plastic tubes wrapped with the Blessed Lady with a tin lid.

With the memory of our beloved ones.

New designs candles for the upcoming autumn and All Saints

We are one of the biggest producers of candles in Poland.
Admit more than 20 years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Ecologically and with the times

Candles solar - are loaded in the day, at night shine.


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