What is B2B?

B2B is a modern shop with our products aimed at businesses. They can easily be ordered at a distance wholesale goods. Prices are automatically matched to individual customers, the bigger the client and consists of large orders, the greater the reduction, the possibility of individual projects and packaging of goods.

Just set up your account at b2b.admit.pl/register and upon verification of the account you will receive in the email password for your account. Then you can login user name or email address, and password received ... and you're done!

The whole works like a typical online store, browse products, add to cart, you order. The only difference is that it is addressed to companies, prices are net and the goods ordered not individual pieces but packages or in the case of larger orders, in whole or pallets tirach. Therefore, the amount of the minimum order is $ 500, and purchases are issued VAT invoices.

Panel registration B2B

The main screen b2b

List of products with descriptions and logistics szczeółowymi

Order summary

In the appropriate categories of goods are detailed information about each product separately, such as dimensions, weight, packaging method, whether it is available from stock or on order.

The user control panel, you can see their orders, current, previous, invoices, settlements.

Whole, thanks to a system approach accelerates the entire process from ordering to finished product.