Caring about quality

The specificity of our production and the need to constantly meet the requirements of our customers makes it a very important part of our production quality control is not only finished products but also the entire process of production and logistics aspects of ready-made and packed products. We are constantly working on increasing the company prevailing quality standards and we have highly qualified staff regularly updated on the quality of production prevailing in our company.

PZH for our candles and candles

Production processes in our plants are tested and confirmed by appropriate approvals of the National Institute of Hygiene and are regularly inspected by experienced staff technicians. Lineups products are constantly monitored and semi-finished products shipped from trusted suppliers. For sensitive products containing substances and essential oils are prepared sheet in order to better identify threats. The packaging of our candles, heaters, oils and diffusers are placed information specific about the smell, and composition information for allergy sufferers.

Atest PZH/FT-3776/2021
Atest PZH/HT-3308/2017
Atest PZH/HT-3270/2017
Atest PZH/HT-3139/2016
Atest PZH/HT-2669/2012
Atest PZH/HT-2520/2011
Atest PZH/HT-2526/2011
Atest PZH/HT-2443/2010
Atest PZH/HT-2137/2007
Atest PZH/HT-2033/2006

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