The ELEKTRO LUMENS series of inserts meets the expectations of customers in the increasingly popular category of electric grave candles.

Safe, ecological, non-smoking.

The most important features of ELEKTRO LUMENS are: ease of use, water resistance, long lighting time.

ELEKTRO LUMENS inserts are also available in the SENSOR series - with a twilight sensor.

It's a convenient way to save energy - they turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. While standard ELEKTRO LUMENS inserts last up to 30 days - depending on the season, environmental conditions, they can last up to several times longer.

The ELEKTRO LUMENS series of inserts is available in a transparent and red color of the upper part that diffuses the light. The transparent part can be illuminated with LED diodes in the following colors: white, red, yellow, orange and red.

All ELEKTRO LUMENS cartridges shine with a flame effect - the diode is not lit uniformly all the time, but it flashes slightly to simulate the light of the flame.